Brocade Fabric

Brocade, which is a type of silk fabric; It differs from other fabric types with its embossed feature. This fabric, which is also frequently preferred by Ottoman Palace women, is undoubtedly a flamboyant and noble type of fabric. While brocade was used only for special days and nights in the past, it is also frequently used in daily wear today. We have crowned the unique brocade we have chosen with our embroideries, which will attract attention during the day or at special nights.

Luneville Embroidery

Luneville is an umbrella term for various types of drum embroidery whose embroidery originated in the French town of Luneville (Lorraine, France), where a number of embroiderers settled in the late eighth century. Embroidery artists invented a type of drum embroidery around 1810, using a very thin tulle cloth embellished with chain stitch. Lunevville embroidery can therefore be classified as a form of embroidered mesh lace. Its construction can take days, even in very small embroidery, with a special crochet and technique.

French Lace

Slim, elegant, French… The word, whose origin is French, is also referred to as French guipure among the people. It is a decorative type of lace made of thread or silk, consisting of wide loops. Guipure is also used in ribbons that help connect the motifs in the lace.

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